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“What’s All the Fuss?” asked One of Our Podcast Guests


One of our previous guests of the podcast caught wind of all the hub-bub from “Clickbait Gate” and asked Mandy what in the world is going on. In typical wordsmith fashion, Mandy nailed it on the head. “The fuss was that we have a FB Group, and we posted a podcast episode there. The interview…

If You’re Considering Entering a Business Arrangement with Troy Dowding, Please Read This


The week of 8 April, 2018 was a sad one in the history of this business. It began with me publishing a wonderful podcast interview featuring a highly respected trumpeter. Due to a member of our private Facebook group taking issue with my not addressing a concern she had about a comment about this podcast…

Trumpet is Not a Black Tie Affair


Last week, I was told by one of my critics about the “click-baitgate” scandal that the issue wasn’t about the old guy who made a comment that appeared to be out of line – even though it was proven it wasn’t out of line at all – but it was my reaction to the person…

Music: should it be your career or hobby? (Bob Wagner, Guest Author)

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Bob Wagner is a professional trumpeter, blogger and speaker based in Philadelphia. You can find him on the web at   Do you play an instrument and love it?   Do you also have marketable skills and interests in traditional “career track” areas (Science, Math, Accounting, Business)   Are you trying to figure out…

An Unrealistic Profession


“My son Josh wanted to be a musician at his career day when he was in high school. He was told that being a musician was an unrealistic profession. How would you advise your child if they were in this situation?” I came across this in a Facebook post this morning. It intrigued me, so…