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How our approach is different

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You may have noticed that James and I have an approach that is different than what you might be used to hearing from music industry insiders. And you might be thinking, “Who are you and why should I listen to you?” During this fireside chat, were going to let you in on our way of…

Want to Get a Gig? Step 1… “be a dude”

I’m sorry to say that after all the time that we have been promoting a webinar with Seth Hanes (send him mail), scheduled for today, he decided to back out at the last minute.   He didn’t want to be associated with us because of the controversy and because we are apparently sexist.   Quick…

Mandy Takes the Reins!

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Hey, this is Mandy Marksteiner. I’m now the host of the Trumpet Dynamics podcast! The big cheese. The head honcho. The big kahuna. This is my first episode as host of the podcast and I’m joined by James Newcomb, the founder of the show. We talked a little bit about the upcoming webinar with Seth…

How Can Trumpeters Get Traffic to Their Blog?

  Robert E. Gastelum emailed me a great question.   He has an online store and blog set up (visit here) and he wants to know how to get more traffic to his blog.   So far it looks like he has the makings of a good online business. He has a variety of products…