Thank You Wynton!

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Thank You, Wynton!

Wynton, if you're reading this blog post, know that the Cornet Revolution likely would never occur were it not for you.

I recall being in the 9th grade. I was a budding young trumpet student and my director, Steve Olsen at Eden Prairie High School put on an album for us to listen to. It was the Carnaval album you had released just a year or so earlier.

This is after school, so just a few of us were bumming around. We weren't required to listen to it or anything.

I was immediately taken by the amazing sound of the trumpeter I was listening to. If I'm not mistaken, it was The Carnival of Venice that really caught my attention.

I vividly recall the sound of my jaw dropping as I listened to the final variation. The flurry of notes, the flawless execution. This couldn't possibly be one person playing.

I asked Mr. Olsen who in the world was this trumpet player we were listening to.

He said it was you, and that it was actually a Cornet you were playing, not a trumpet.

This is the 1989-90 time frame.

Wynton, it's hard to argue that anyone has been more effective at keeping the tradition of Cornet alive and well than you.

Of course, it was but one of many albums you've produced over the years. To my knowledge, you haven't played Cornet on any of them - unless it's a track or two here and there.

We all know you as a trumpet player who for a few glorious moments played Cornet.

But I for one would not have had that exposure to the Cornet had it not been for your album.

I'm sure that thousands if not millions of people can say the same thing.

Wynton, I'm most appreciative of you taking a few months out of your schedule to record the album all those years ago. Not only did it honor the Cornet's glorious past, but it has allowed it to remain in the palette of acceptable options for musicians to this day.

Although it is grossly neglected and disrespected by the modern Philistine trumpet player, relegated to brass bands and smoky jazz clubs; though it is considered a "starter" instrument for trumpeters, the Carnaval album offers a faint light of hope amongst the sea of fog and murk which has surrounded the Cornet for the last several decades.

The Revolution has now arrived, and it wouldn't happen without your contribution so many years ago.

Viva la Wynton!

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