Trumpet Dynamics

“What’s All the Fuss?” asked One of Our Podcast Guests

One of our previous guests of the podcast caught wind of all the hub-bub from “Clickbait Gate” and asked Mandy what in the world is going on.
In typical wordsmith fashion, Mandy nailed it on the head.
“The fuss was that we have a FB Group, and we posted a podcast episode there. The interview was with Nadje Noordhuis. And someone wrote in the comments, “Can women play better than men? Just asking!”
One of our group members got super offended because it didn’t sound very PC and it was insulting to women. And so she started tagging James and PMing him and asking him to remove the comment and kick the guy out. James didn’t want someone to tell him how to run the group and he didn’t think the comment was that big of a deal and so he said told her to let it go. But she insisted and got Nadje involved too. Both of them were just yelling at him about this comment.

He eventually took it down, and was going to publish Nadje’s email about  what it is like to learn trumpet as a woman. What are the obstacles. And I was getting excited about talking about it too because sexism (whether it’s real or perceived) might be an obstacle for a lot of people to getting gigs.

So he posted a blog post with that comment as the headline, and inside the blog it said that we think women can play just as well as men. And here is an example. And it pointed to the podcast.

Well, even though he meant it as a compliment she didn’t take it as a compliment. And she didn’t appreciate his sense of humor. She was livid.

And our partner, Troy Dowding, quit and went online and started to publicly denounce us and make it look like we are sexists. And then a bunch of people have rallied around him to point out how horrible and in-pc we are. And hilariously it didn’t take long before all the people bragging about how feminist they were started questioning whether I knew what end of the horn to put my mouth on.

After all the controversy surrounding that one comment, the guy who made it apologized to me and said he didn’t mean it to come out like that. He was genuinely curious and surprised to see a woman player. He’s an old guy who put the horn down for 20 years and now is trying to play again and he doesn’t have his teeth anymore. So he’s not a threat and he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. And he doesn’t speak English very well so I seriously believe that it just came out the wrong way, so I forgave him 100%.

But yet our partner is totally throwing us under the bus and badmouthing us.
It’s been stressful but enlightening.
How are you?”

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