Trumpet Dynamics

If You’re Considering Entering a Business Arrangement with Troy Dowding, Please Read This

The week of 8 April, 2018 was a sad one in the history of this business. It began with me publishing a wonderful podcast interview featuring a highly respected trumpeter.

Due to a member of our private Facebook group taking issue with my not addressing a concern she had about a comment about this podcast to her liking, the guest became angry. I ended up offering to take the episode down.

Troy took no initiative to contact me to ask any questions about either my words, the content I published, nor my intent behind them.

He posted in several Facebook groups, one of which has over 15,000 members, that Mandy Marksteiner and I were sexist and disrespectful to women because of my private dialogue with the member of our Facebook group, which had since become public.

The objective of his posts was clearly to garner a bit of publicity while besmirching the names of James Newcomb, Mandy Marksteiner and the Trumpet Dynamics brand.

In a situation where he feels his own sense of social justice is compromised and an opportunity exists where he can virtue signal, Troy Dowding will without hesitation, throw you and your business under the bus.

The sad thing about this is that the complaint about the comment in question had absolutely no merit. Upon further investigation, we discovered that it had no malicious, nor even sarcastic intent. When informed of this, he made no effort to make amends or apologize, either publicly or privately.

Consider this a friendly warning. This time it was us, next time it might be you.

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