Trumpet Dynamics

Mandy Takes the Reins!

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Hey, this is Mandy Marksteiner. I'm now the host of the Trumpet Dynamics podcast!

The big cheese. The head honcho. The big kahuna.

This is my first episode as host of the podcast and I'm joined by James Newcomb, the founder of the show.

We talked a little bit about the upcoming webinar with Seth Hanes, the future of Trumpet Dynamics and the Trumpeters With Real Gigs group going forward and much more!

Before hitting play on this podcast, I need you to do something.

Go to and register for our FREE webinar with Seth Hanes. Seth is the author of Break Into the Scene, and is going to be dropping value bombs about how you can take your horn and your time and make it happen as a musician in your area!

Enjoy the podcast.

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