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An Unrealistic Profession


“My son Josh wanted to be a musician at his career day when he was in high school. He was told that being a musician was an unrealistic profession. How would you advise your child if they were in this situation?” I came across this in a Facebook post this morning. It intrigued me, so…

How Can Trumpeters Get Traffic to Their Blog?


  Robert E. Gastelum emailed me a great question.   He has an online store and blog set up (visit here) and he wants to know how to get more traffic to his blog.   So far it looks like he has the makings of a good online business. He has a variety of products…

Would You Sing the High C?


  As a longtime member of the Canadian Brass, and an active freelancer and teacher, Chris Coletti is one of the best-known trumpeters out there.   One of his trademarks as a performer is, funny enough, not playing the trumpet.   It’s as a singer.   Singing like a girl.   When Chris first began…

6 arranging tips from Josh Rzepka


  I asked the members of Trumpet With Real Gigs if anyone could give me some tips on arranging music. Josh Rzepka took a break from his practicing to give me some advice and a big push in the right direction. I thought I’d pass his knowledge bomb along to you. Practice the piano on…

The Definitive Guide to Playing a Brass Instrument With a Cold Sore


I know people who tell me they’ve never had a cold sore in their life. I hate those people. Okay fine, I don’t hate anyone. But I hate that they’ve never experienced what I’ve experienced WAY too many times as a trumpet and cornet player. Or maybe I’m happy for them. At any rate, anyone…