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Achieve peak musical performance with this FREE series of interviews called Secrets of the Musical Mind!

What do Manny Laureano, Paul Baron, Chris Coletti and Adam Rapa all have in common?

They're all world-class performers.

They've all had bad days at the office.

They have all experienced Peak Musical Performance.

Hello, my name is James Newcomb. I am a professional trumpet/cornet player and podcaster.

In the Summer of 2017, I conducted an amazing series of interviews for a podcast I published called Secrets of the Musical Mind.

The goal of the podcast was to pick the brains of world-class performers and educators and discover what is it that enables them to perform at an elite level.

Over the course of 60 days, May-July 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with 43 world class trumpeters, conductors and composers. 

Here's a short list of the musicians I interviewed.

  1. Manny Laureano - Minnesota Orchestra
  2. Gerard Schwarz - Seattle Symphony
  3. Adam Rapa - Trumpet Soloist
  4. Chris Coletti - Canadian Brass Trumpeter
  5. Rex Richardson - Trumpet Soloist
  6. Raymond Riccomini - Trumpet, The Metropolitan Opera
  7. Harry Watters - U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own"
  8. Paul Baron - Off Broadway Lead Trumpeter
  9. Bria Skonberg - Jazz Trumpet Virtuoso
  10. Chris Gekker - Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland

When I began conducting these interviews, I knew I was onto something great. In fact, for a short time I envisioned the podcast series becoming a successful business that could help performing artists overcome the many psychological issues that go hand in hand with becoming a great performer.

Well, it turns out that my destiny was to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors.

But I still had the question of what to do with these amazing interviews? I took them offline awhile ago and have been storing them on my computer and external hard drive for months.

I decided that the world needs to hear these interviews! And the package is priced so that anyone can afford to benefit from the wisdom shared.

What you'll hear in these recordings are candid conversations in which these world-class performers share their worst moment as a performer, what goes through their minds in the moments leading up to a performance, how they've confronted and overcome stage fright, and how they prepare to perform at an elite level.

Each interview is a masterclass in the psychology behind peak musical performance. 

They are not available anywhere else on or off the web.

Now you can own them for yourself.

Listening to just one interview per day will get you on your way to peak musical performance in just 43 days.

And since they'll be on your own hard drive or smart phone, you can listen to them as many times as you wish!

With your purchase you'll receive:

  • MP3 files of all 43 interviews (See the full list below)
  • Access to a private podcast feed so you can listen to them on your smart phone
  • An ebook with photos and bios of the featured artists.

How much would you expect to pay for a one on one masterclass on peak musical performance with the likes of James Stephenson, Larry Meregillano, Tamir Akta, Nathaniel Mayfield, Harry Kim, Nicole Sasser and many more?

I'm sure that if I posted the price at $2000, people would buy it. If you think about it, people pay that much for a college course that they have no intention of ever using in their lives.

Well, you will definitely use the information in these conversations. But you won't pay a high price for them.

You won't pay $2000, $1000, $500, or even $100.

Until midnight of March 25, 2018, here's what you'll pay.

here's the full list of interviews in the package

  1. Manny Laureano - Principal Trumpet, Minnesota Orchestra
  2. Gerard Schwarz - Retired Music Director, Seattle Symphony
  3. Nathaniel Mayfield - Baroque Trumpet Soloist
  4. Tamir Akta - Israeli Trumpet Soloist and Educator
  5. Adam Rapa - International Trumpet Soloist, Founder of Lotus Trumpets
  6. Paul Baron - Off-Broadway Lead Trumpeter
  7. John Bryant - Professor of Trumpet, Reinhardt University
  8. Larry Meregillano - Commercial Lead Trumpeter
  9. Phil Snedecor - Professor of Trumpet, Hartt School of Music
  10. Rex Richardson - International Trumpet Soloist
  11. Jim Stephenson - Composer 
  12. Tony Plog - Composer
  13. Aaron Hodgson - Professor of Trumpet, Western University (Ontario, Canada)
  14. Gabriel DiMartino - Professor of Trumpet, Eastern Carolina University
  15. Aaron Romm - Trumpet Soloist
  16. Bria Skonberg - Jazz Trumpeter
  17. Jonas Haltia - Principal Trumpet, Oslo Philharmonic
  18. Raymond Riccomini - Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera
  19. Christopher Davis - Jazz Trumpeter
  20. Andy Tichenor - Commercial Lead Trumpeter 
  21. Peyden Shelton - Professor of Trumpet, University of Utah
  22. Johan DeMeij - Composer of The Lord of the Rings
  23. Harry Kim - Commercial Trumpeter
  24. Adrian Griffin - Principal Trumpet, Monterrey Symphony Orchestra
  25. Augie Haas - Former Lead Trumpet with Harry Connick, Jr.
  26. Ryan Anthony - Principal Trumpet, Dallas Symphony
  27. Tony Glausi - NYC-based Jazz Trumpeter
  28. Nicole Sasser - Trumpeter and Vocalist
  29. Garrett Faccone - Trumpeter
  30. Greg Spence - Australia-Based Commercial Trumpeter
  31. Roger Moisan - London-Based Trumpeter
  32. Paul Merkelo - Principal Trumpet, Montreal Symphony
  33. Graham Breedlove - Trumpeter, U.S. Army Blues
  34. David Rouault - Principal Trumpet, Macao Symphony
  35. John Maurer - Trumpet Soloist and Educator
  36. Barry Bauguess - Baroque Trumpet Soloist
  37. Harry Watters - U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own"
  38. Steve Leisring - Professor of Trumpet, Kansas University
  39. James Ackley - Professor of Trumpet, University of South Carolina
  40. Alex Serio - Trumpeter and Arts Entrepreneur
  41. Chris Gekker - Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland
  42. Wayne DuMaine - NYC-Based Freelance Trumpeter
  43. Chris Coletti - Trumpeter, Canadian Brass

Again, this is a very limited time offer.

At midnight, March 25, everything goes away - back onto my hard drive collecting dust.

So download your free performance checklist (if you haven't already) and pick up this amazing set of interviews today.

Take it from the guy who conducted them. They're amazing!