Wooden Fencing: A Few Tips

Installing a wood fence as a DIY project is for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pros. Newbie DIY enthusiasts will want to consult with experienced help. Before purchasing your fence material, consider your fence design options and consult with your local code enforcement office and your HOA (Homeowners Association). Be sure to purchase the correct height and type of wood fence. In addition, check the property lot lines to ensure that the fence is correctly installed on your property. If you are a skilled carpenter, you might choose a post and plank style wood fence to construct yourself. Another option is to choose pre-made fence panels that attach to wood posts.

Whatever style of wood fence chosen, make sure that you accurately measure your property to determine the fence placement and to determine the amount of fence material needed for the project. Be sure to purchase the correct fence hardware, supplies, and tools. Before starting the project, check the weather forecast to ensure good weather to complete the entire project. To install your DIY wood fence, you will need to know how to construct the fence, dig post holes, mix and pour cement, and to install the fence hardware. You may want to learn how to use a level, a post hole digger, and other necessary tools and equipment. As well, you will want to know how to apply the proper wood sealer or paint on the fence to protect it from harsh weather and to increase the lifespan of the fence. If you are not skilled at DIY wood fence installation, consider hiring skilled help or hire a reliable fence installation contractor.  

Before choosing a fence contractor, obtain several references and written estimates. Make sure that the fence installation company is reliable, certified, licensed, and insured.  Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check their references to ensure they have successfully completed several fence installation projects. You will still need to have the correct property lines and property measurements to tell the fence installation company. They should be able to provide guidance and to help you decide which style of wood fence to install on your property.  Don’t do business with a disreputable fence installation contractor. Obtain a written contract and check the quality of the completed job.

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Proper maintenance of your new wood fence is important to protect it from extreme weather conditions and to prolong the lifespan of the fence. Make sure that your fence is properly stained and that it receives a finish sealer to protect it from harsh weather. Or if you choose to paint the fence, select a paint that is suitable for a wood fence that endures extreme weather conditions. Fences need regular maintenance to ensure that the fence remains in good condition. Every year check the entire fence for warped or loose boards or rails. Check for loose posts and loose hardware. From time to time, painted fences may need repainting. Stained fences may need to be refinished and resealed to ensure that the fence remains in good condition for several years.